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Updated ​April 20​20. Use the quick navigation below for the latest offers, along with simply the very best SECockpit discount that's been offered to date. 

Webinar Special Save up to 50%
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SECockpit Webinar Special Offer

The future pricing of SECockpit will only head north, however, when you sign up for this special SECockpit discount you will be permanently locked in at this discounted price even if you don't renew after your plan expires. 

To get this offer just sign up to the webinar below. The webinar is about an hour long. Towards the end of the webinar you will be given your own special link to this offer. 

The default language for the webinar is English, however, you can also watch it in German and French. Just choose your desired language after clicking below.

Watch the webinar in either english deutsch or francais

Please note: This is a limited time offer and may be taken down at any time without notice.