ManageWP Discount

ManageWP Discount

20% Discount on all Annual & Biennial (2 yearly) Packages

Get started with this special ManageWP discount by taking the free 14 day trial where you will get full access to all of the paid features for up to 5 websites within the Business Plan. Yes that’s everything as shown in the Business Plan below! Get the Special ManageWP Discounts & Full Access Trial here.

To obtain the free trial simply sign up with your name and email address, there is no need to submit any payment details. Once you have signed up for the free trial the ManageWP discounts shown on this page will be automatically applied to your account, even after the trial period has expired. Even then you will still have access to the free features.

At any point in time, if you decide to join simply use the flexible sliding scale in the package options of your account where you can select the number of websites you wish to manage, the package type and whether you wish to pay monthly, annually or biennially. With ManageWP there’s no contract so as your requirements change you can simply scale up or down using the slider within your account.

ManageWp Discount

Remeber with ManageWP there is no fixed contract for any of the packages so if your requirements change you can upgrade of downgrade by using the flexible sliding scale within your account.

So here is the special link to the free trial and discount as shown on this page. ManageWP 14 Day Full Access Trial & Special Discounts.